Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Business Leads Drying Up?

If you are an independent professional or run a home based business, you know that things have been getting quieter lately. Qualified prospects just aren’t falling all over themselves to beat a path to your door. You could shrug and write it off to the weak economy. Or, you could take action to get more people calling. Have a look at this short video message to see what I mean:

One of the best ways to encourage sales prospects and current clients to call you is to offer them a toll free number. This is especially important if you are selling anything online, but is also a great idea if you sell at art or craft shows, want real estate buyers from outside your own town, or service insurance clients who may have moved out of your area code.

How much do you have to invest to get a toll free number? Next to nothing, really. You can get an 866, 877 or 888 toll free number for $2 right now and be using it in minutes. The service fee is $2 per month plus the cost of calls, which are 6.9 cents per minute for calls coming in from the 48 U.S. states. Alaska and Hawaii calls are a bit more.

For that small price, you get a toll free number that can be set to ring to your cell phone, your office phone or your home phone. Change where it rings whenever you want to. If you can’t answer the phone immediately, your calls will go to voice mail. You can call in to listen to your messages, listen to them online or have them sent to you as email attachments. If anyone sends a fax to your toll free number, you can read that online or have it sent to you as an email attachment.

Why not give it a try and see if a toll free number will boost your art, craft or professional services business. Learn more and order your low cost toll free number now.

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