Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sell Unwanted Electronics For Cash

You know how sweet it is to get new electronic gear. Gotta have a better cell phone every 2 years. Computers are only good for a few years or until they try to make you upgrade the operating system. Gaming consoles? Only the latest will do. OK, but how do you get rid of the old stuff?

Oh, you don’t? I guess that explains all the gear crammed into your closet and that pile of stuff in the basement. Hey, you might want to go back and use the old model, after all.

No you won’t. If you don’t reject your new purchase and return it in time to get your money back you are committed. Once you get used to more features, faster performance and cooler styling, there is no way you are going to revert to yesterday’s model of anything. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from it.

The way you benefit is to trade clutter for cash. You sell your old gadget to help pay for the next one. It’s a circle of life... or something like that.

Oh, but selling stuff is a royal pain. You can auction your gear but you’ve got to take pictures, write up a description, manage the listings, and then deal with the shock and anguish when somebody buys it for less than you believed it was worth. Selling through classified ads is just as much trouble, plus you’ve got to arrange appointments with people coming over to look at the stuff. Is there a better way?

You bet there is. Turn your electronics into cash quickly and easily with Gazelle. Here’s how it works. You use the search feature of the Gazelle site to find your cell phone make and model, or other electronic device you have. Then you take a short quiz about what condition your unit is in and what accessories, manuals, etc. you can provide. The more complete the package and the more like new the condition, the more you’ll get. You’ll then find out what the market price history and trend is for your device and how much Gazelle will buy it for.

Then it’s up to you. Oh, decisions, decisions. If you like the price, they’ll send you a prepaid mailer. You just pack up your items and drop them in the mail. When they arrive at Gazelle, the staff will verify the condition of everything and cut you a check. You can also get paid via PayPal or donate your proceeds to charity. It’s that easy.

What types of electronic gear can you sell this way? The categories are always expanding, but right now Gazelle buys cell phones, GPS devices, external drives, camera lenses, digital cameras, gaming consoles, LCD monitors, streaming media, MP3 players, camcorders, calculators, Blu-Ray players, laptops, video games, movies, home audio, PDAs, satellite radios, desktop computers and projectors.

What if it turns out that you’ve waited too long and your gear has no market value anymore? In that case, you can still send it in for proper recycling. At least you’ll know that you’re doing a good thing for the environment. Plus, you’ve gotten rid of some clutter so you can go out and buy more. :-)

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