Monday, August 17, 2009

Ice Ice Sony

Want a cool phone? How about a phone that looks cool? Not just the latest in-demand wireless device, but one that actually looks like it might be cool to the touch. That’s the Sony Ericsson w350 Ice Blue for AT&T. Here’s something else cool. It’s FREE.

Sony Ericsson W350 Ice Blue, shown closedThe Sony W350 is a totally hip, half-flip. What’s that mean? It’s a design borrowed from earlier cell phones. Only the bottom half flips up and down. You might call it a classic. But the look is totally new, especially in Ice Blue.

Just looking at the phone closed, you see a slim profile candy-bar styling. The color main display offers 176 x 200 pixels of high definition. It can display over 262,000 colors. With the bottom cover flipped shut all you see is that big display and the music controls.

Music controls? Yes, this Sony Blue Ice contains an MP3/AAC Walkman Music Player that supports playlists, TrackID (identifies the artist) and shake control. Just shake the phone to change songs. Plus you get an FM stereo radio with RDS (data display) that lets you preset up to 8 channels. Plus you can stream AT&T music with the MEdia Net Data feature.

The Sony Ericsson W350 also gives you a 1.3 Megapixel digital camera that takes long videos and printable photos that you can send right to a blog. Multimedia messaging lest you share videos, audio, pictures and text. SMS text messaging is supported, of course. Plus you have pre-created message templates. Instant messaging from AOL, Yahoo! and Windows Live is built-in. Read your email and browse the Web. This phone runs on AT&T’s EDGE data network.

More advanced features? The Ice Blue has streaming Bluetooth wireless technology so you can stream your music to a compatible wireless stereo headset. It also supports XM Radio, Mobile Banking and America’s Best Mobile Pix applications.

Do you agree that this is one cool phone? If so and you’d like to get yours for free while this special deal is available, then learn more and order your Sony Ericsson w350 Ice Blue for AT&T. Order a family plan and get 2 of them free. What a deal!

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