Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good Year For A Holiday Family Conference Call

I don’t have to tell you that money is tight this holiday season. We all may have to throttle back on the lavish gift giving, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get together with the family for a good time. No matter what your budget, here’s a solution that will unite the tribe.

Conferencing for the entire family tree.How can that be with the price of flying or even driving more than we care to spend? Oh, don’t travel physically. Instead, use the power of telephone technology to get everybody together. There’s a time honored tradition of calling home to wish the folks well on Christmas Eve or Day. This year take it a step further and get the entire far flung family on the line together.

How do you do this? The easy and inexpensive way is through a conferencing service such as AccuConference. One person takes charge of the process and either calls the other family members or tells everyone to call a toll free number at a certain time. Once the conference begins everyone can talk and listen as if they were in the same room together.

The beauty of telephone conferencing is that everybody can participate. All you need is a telephone. Even granny has one of those. But if your family is more computer savvy, Web conferencing is included. That lets you share your computer screen as well as your voice so that you can put up personal messages and show photos even as you speak. Or, how about video conferencing for the ultimate in person connections? See and hear, even in high definition video if you have the right camera.

Yes, it’s true that most Web and video conferencing is done by businesses. But prices are so cheap that personal conferences make a lot more sense than braving the weather and paying the high cost of travel. It’s an idea that’s just a bit out of the gift box. Is it right for you? Learn more and set up your conference call today.

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