Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday, Meet BlackBerry

The day after Thanksgiving is commonly referred to as Black Friday. Not "black" in the same sense as one of those October stock market crash days. Black refers to the idea that this one shopping day is so important that it can put a retailer into the black, or making money, after almost a year of red ink. And where does this sudden influx of money come from? It's from eager shoppers, of course. They're officially starting their holiday shopping season. Why do they spend so much on this one day? Bargains, that's what!

The famous BlackBerry Storm, available at a special discount price. Click Here.Just in time for Black Friday, comes a special deal on perhaps the hottest wireless device of the year. It's the BlackBerry Storm. BlackBerry, Black Friday. It seems to fit. What's so hot about the BlackBerry Storm? This is the revolutionary new touchscreen BlackBerry. There are other hot models of this famous business smartphone. You know them as the BlackBerry Curve, the BlackBerry Bold and other intriguing names. But all BlackBerry devices come with one important feature. It's a full QWERTY keyboard located just below the screen. On the BlackBerry Storm, the screen is the keyboard.

Oh, like the Apple iPhone? Yes and no. BlackBerry has given the Storm the next generation in virtual keyboard technology. It's called "haptics." What that means is a tactile feedback so that you can actually feel the press of the key. They accomplish that with a screen that gives slightly as you press on it. Other devices employ rigid display screens that relay on a clicking or beeping sound to tell you that you've actually pressed the key.

People have been lining up at stores looking to get this phone as soon as possible. But you don't have to do that. You'll find the BlackBerry Storm available at a special discount price online through Cell Phone Plan Finder. We're not allowed to mention the actual price here, but be assured it's worth your while to visit Cell Phone Plans Finder and check the special offers. Many other popular phones and wireless devices are also available at terrific deals. And, I should mention, with no chance of getting an elbow in your head like you might experience in a bricks and mortar shopping frenzy.

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