Tuesday, December 09, 2008

VoIP Phone Service $9.95 Special

Here's a local and long distance phone service special that says "happy holidays." It's a deal from Phone Power that gives you virtually unlimited local and long distance calling to other phones in the US, plus calls to Canada, and includes 25 valuable features.

Please note that the promotional offer that was originally published in this article has expired. However, you can still get excellent plan pricing from Phone Power.

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is a digital phone service that shares the broadband connection you have to your computer. By harnessing the speed and near-universal availability of the Internet, competitive phone service providers can give you attractive bundles of local and long distance phone service. They can also afford to include features that the local phone companies typically charge extra for.

In the case of Phone Power, you can get a no-contract deal where you pay month to month or you can get a better price if you pay ahead. Either way, the price is still cheaper than what that company that keeps advertising on TV charges.

A feature available with some of Phone Power's plans is a cloned second phone line. A cloned line lets you make simultaneous outgoing calls on both line. You still have only one phone number, which rings phones on both lines for incoming calls. It's not quite the same as a completely separate line, but if you have someone who likes to talk and talk and talk on the phone, at least you have another way to make and receive calls.

Sound interesting? If you've been looking for a better deal on telephone service, this could be the one for you. Learn more and order Phone Power VoIP at outstanding low rates now.

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