Thursday, September 11, 2008

Better Long Distance Service with Total Call International

Switched long distance service is still the phone service of choice for many residential and business users. Why? Excellent call quality compared with many wireless and broadband phone services. Plus low rates within North America and to the rest of the world. Now, Total Call International offers great deals on their high quality long distance service.

Who is Total Call International? They make their corporate home in downtown Los Angeles, California. They've been a competitive service provider since 1999 and promote unparalleled customer service as one of their distinguishing features. They have a multi-lingual Customer Care Center available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Lower long distance rates are another strong selling point for switching your service to Total Call International.

Both residential and business long distance service is available. The cost per minute is the same at 3.9 cents per minute anytime for state to state calls in most areas, although it can be a bit higher if you live in a lesser populated tier-B or tier-C area. In-state long distance calls, also known as Intralata, vary by state but are also priced low. As you might expect from the name, Total Call International prides itself on low rates to other countries. For instance, as of this writing calls to Canada are also billed at the same 3.9 cents per minute as domestic long distance. You can call Belgium for 4.9 cents a minute and Mexico City for the same amount.

Other features of Total Call International service include no connection fees, no contracts, and you can keep your current telephone number. You can manage your account with online billing or receive a paper bill if you wish. There's no regular monthly fee, but there is a low usage fee of $2 if you monthly usage is less than $20. As an additional incentive to switch, you will be credited with up to 100 free state to state minutes on your six month's bill.

Is your long distance phone bill too high? Would you like to reduce it as soon as possible while still talking as much as you do now? If so, you deserve to take a closer look at what Total Call International has to offer and make the switch today.

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