Saturday, July 15, 2006

Samsung A930 MP3 and VCAST Music Phone

Music phones are a hot technology. The Samsung A930 ups the ante by including both an MP3 player that downloads songs from your computer, and access to the VCAST Music Store so you can buy and download songs directly from your phone.

You can tell this cell phone was intended for entertainment without even opening it. The sleek black case has three buttons on the outside cover just for music control. It also has a cool rectangular external display that will remind you of many MP3 player designs.

Plug in stereo headphones or activate the built-in stereo speakers to enjoy your music on the go. If all you want is a combo phone and music player you've got it in the Samsung A930. But there is a lot more entertainment capability available to you.

The A930 is a VCAST multimedia phone, which means that it uses Verizon's EV-DO broadband cellular network to download streaming video or music shows and play them on the large high resolution main color display. Get fresh news, weather, sports and entertainment on the go. In addition, you can directly access the new VCAST Music Store to buy new tunes for your music player and download them to your phone. No muss, no fuss, no PC needed for the VCAST Music Store.

This dual capability of traditional MP3 player with expandable plug-in memory and VCAST Music download is something new in cellular technology. It's the start of advancements where you'll be able to buy all sorts of things using your cell phone and have all the multimedia capability you need right there in your phone.

Another advancement in this phone, as well as other recent designs, is the inclusion of a Megapixel digital camera. This one comes with a flash for low light situations and can record videos up to 10 minutes long. Pictures can be good enough to print and save, as well as sending via multimedia messaging. You can also send and receive video clips.

The Samsung A930 has all the cell phone capability you expect, including Bluetooth communications for hands-free conversations and speakerphone operation using those built-in stereo speakers. Advanced voice activated dialing requires no pre-training to work.

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