Saturday, July 01, 2006

Take This Phone and $80, Please

Do you still think that you have to pay for your next cell phone? In fact, why even go for a free cell phone when you can paid to take one of the most popular cell phones with that same cellular service you'll get if you walk into a store? Don't go anywhere near your wallet until you've read these Christmas in July special offers.

First up is the much in-demand Motorola i710 with the famous push-to-talk walkie talkie style service from Nextel. It also works just like any other phone when you don't use the PTT feature. This is a basic everyday phone that includes a speakerphone and the ability to turn it into a personal navigation system with optional Telenav 2.1 service. If what you want is an everyday workhorse that will serve you well, you can get your PLUS $80 in mail-in rebates. Two day delivery is included free. Yes, you are getting paid to order this phone.

If you have your heart set on a phone with a built-in camera, you'll love the Audiovox 8912 and Sprint PCS service. It comes with a VGA quality digital camera that includes flash, a speakerphone, and a large color display. You can buy one of these at a lot of stores, and a lot of people do. But why should you when you can get yours free PLUS $75 in mail-in rebates and the free two-day shipping.

Another great choice is the Motorola V220 camera phone with Cingular Wireless service. It has text messaging capability, speakerphone and downloadable games and ringtones. You can go somewhere else and pay for this popular phone, but why should you when you can get it free PLUS $75 in mail-in rebates?

Psst. I really shouldn't be saying this too loudly, but there is a way you can really clean up on these free phones and rebates. Order a shared minutes plan and get TWO phones, plus rebates, plus free shipping. If you are going to tell friends about this, I strongly suggest you mention it only to those who haven't already bought cell phones recently.

I also strongly suggest taking advantage of these current special offers while they last. After all, free phone plus cash deals tend to expire quickly. I checked and these rebates are available as of this writing.

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