Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Everybody Loves RAZRs

Hey, what's your favorite razor phone? Chances are you either own a Motorola RAZR or wish you did. The RAZR is arguably the most popular cell phone design in years. That half-inch thin profile and sleek aluminum anodized case in multiple colors has captured the imagination of executives and teenagers alike. So much so that Motorola has just announced the sale of ... drum roll please ... the 50 millionth RAZR.

That's 50,000,000 and still going strong. Far from being a one shot design like so many cell phone models, the RAZR technology has become a baseline platform for ongoing upgrades. Even the original RAZR V3 in its silver color case is still highly in demand. That's partly due to advanced technology that hasn't been eclipsed in total. It's also due to the adoption of the V3 by multiple carriers and aggressive special offers that now make the Motorola RAZR V3 free with a Cingular Wireless service order.

Let's have a look at why 50 million people can't be wrong about the Motorola RAZR. First, of course, is that slim profile. By using an aircraft grade aluminum shell instead of the more typical plastic case, the long, lean razor is strong enough to hold all of its high technology components while still being solid and tough. The precision machined feather touch keyboard contributes to keeping the RAZR slim while providing a cool high-tech look, especially when backlit.

Hands-free communications comes standard on the RAZR design. You have the option to clip a Bluetooth headset on your ear and put the phone back in your pocket or bag. Or, turn on the built-in speakerphone and converse like you are in the same room with your other party.

The original RAZR V3 comes with a VGA quality digital camera and a large 2.2 inch main color display. These are just what most people need to capture those fleeting moments when you wish you had a camera. You can enjoy your snapshots on your cell phone screen or share them with friends via multimedia messaging.

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