Monday, July 31, 2006

Amp'd Mobile Service Has Cool Cell Phones

Want a cellular service with a little more zip? Get Amp'd. Once you're Amp'd up you'll enjoy cool cell phones and 3G entertainment targeted at 18-35 year olds. Or at least at those who aspire to BE in that hip 18 to 35 age group, youngsters and oldsters included.

Amp'd is a cellular phone service and cell phone line, although their real value added is mobile content. Forget you are carrying a cell phone. It's a wireless mobile entertainment center. You can download on-demand TV clips such as Bevis and Butt-Head, Desperate Housewives, I Robot, Comedy Central, VH1, E! and tons more.

How about music? Oh, yeah. Everything including alternative, country, blues, dance, electronic, folk, hip-hop, rap, Latin, pop, R&B, soul, reggae, rock and world music.

Also news programs, weather and traffic, car shows, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, Nascar videos and so on, and so on.

So how is Amp'd Mobile doing this? Buy using the EVDO cellular broadband network developed by Verizon Wireless combined with special phones designed for audio and video multimedia. You should know that EVDO service is available in most major metropolitan areas, but you won't be able to get the on-demand content with your cellular service in less populous areas. Check the coverage maps to see what's available in your location.

For instance, take the Amp'd Mobile Jet. It's a custom made Kyocera slider phone in a jet black case. You get an awesome high resolution color display for watching video in style. You also get an MP3 player with expandable memory and a VGA quality digital camera with flash and 5x zoom. Use in standard cell phone mode or switch to walkie-talkie communications with the PTT push to talk feature.

The complement to the Amp'd Mobile Jet is the Amp'd Mobile Angel. It's a beautiful white version of the Jet slider with all the Jet's high tech capabilities.

The Amp'd Mobile Hollywood built by Motorola is a higher-end flip phone that has a 1.3 Megapixel digital camera for extra sharp pix. The stereo MP3 player uses plug-in memory cards up to 1 GB to expand your tune storing capability. It also has Bluetooth for hands-free operation, plus advance voice dialing that requires no training of the phone. The camera can be used as a camcorder with video length limited only by the amount of available memory. You really can go "Hollywood" and produce your own mobile movies.

Amp'd Mobile service offers some unique options and a real bargain on minutes. Consider the "End the Boredom" package. You get 1,000 anytime minutes with no roaming charges, domestic long distance included, and unlimited text messaging. All this for $49.99 a month. You'll also get Amp'd Overdose for 3 months free. That gives you access to the Internet and over 30 live video channels.

Are you a heavy wireless user? I mean someone who just can't get enough minutes each month? How would you like unlimited anytime minutes? Yes, the "Unlimited Forever Overload" package gives you unlimited anytime minutes, no roaming charges, all the domestic long distance calls you can make, plus voice mail, 3-way calling, Caller ID and call waiting. It's $114 a month, but you can't possibly run out of minutes.

Add-on services included Unlimited Push-To-Talk, Amp'd TV, Amp'd Radio, text and picture messaging, and the Amp'd Overload and Overdose video services. Many services are also available on a pay per use basis. So why settle for mainstream cellular service when you can get Amp'd?

Of course, if you really do prefer the mainstream phones and wireless carriers, you can get a great deal on exactly what you are looking for at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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