Sunday, July 30, 2006

Samsung A640 for Sprint PCS Deal

Samsung's new A640 cell phone is an everyday cell phone with a lot more than just the basics. Would you believe Bluetooth and a digital camera?

Yes, you can get all the goodies you want in a cell phone without having to fork over the big bucks for a fancy high tech phone. This one has included the technology you'll actually use. Plus some things you might not expect.

For instance, does this phone have an external display? Of course it does, but it's not staring you in the face when you don't need it. This one is opaque. Pardon? Well, it's a multi-color hidden display. You'll see data and time, battery life and signal strength, but it will appear to be coming from the case of the phone rather than a separate clear display. Very cool.

Another unexpected feature is walkie-talkie style communications. Of course, the Samsung A640 works as a regular cell phone. But purchase the optional SprinPCS Ready Link service and you can operate your A640 in PTT or push to talk mode with similarly set up users. Just push a button and your voice comes out of the other phone without having to wait for a ring and answer. Very handy for quick messages back and forth.

The A640 has voice driven menus with an advanced voice dialing system that requires no phone pre-training. That's just like the really expensive phones. You also get Bluetooth communications so you can use one of those little wireless headsets. Another hands-free feature is the built-in speakerphone.

Voice memos are a popular high-end cell phone feature. The A640 has it too. Record up to 5 separate memos up to a total of 1 minute. You never know when that next brainstorm will suddenly strike.

Flip open your Samsung A640 and you'll find a vibrant color main display. It will do a superb job of showing those great snapshots you'll take on the VGA digital camera. This one even has digital zoom to help you compose great pictures. Go ahead and share those pix with your friends using the optional Sprint PCS Vision service. You also have SMS text messaging capability available.

The Samsung A640 is truly a versatile mobile telephone. Now here's the biggest surprise of all. As of this writing, you can get this cell phone free with your cellular service order. No kidding. It even comes to you via free 2-day FedEx delivery. This special offer could expire without notice, though, so don't wait too long before you take advantage. It would be a shame to miss out on such a fantastic introductory special.

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