Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dump The Old Cell Phone Blues

You got the old cell phone blues? That old phone of yours looks like a couple of dogs used it as a play toy? Your carrier is pressuring you to get a new phone because the one you have won't support E911? You're on the old analog network and you have to pay a surcharge to stay there? Your friends take one look at your phone and write you off as someone stuck in the past? Is that what's bugging you, Bunky?

I know why you've still got that thing. It works OK, your contract expired ages ago, and it's just too expensive and too much trouble to go sign up for something else. Those high pressure sales people jump all over you when you go anywhere near the phone display. If you don't watch it, you'll get railroaded into buying the wrong thing and be even worse off.

Well let me tell you, friend, that help has arrived. What would you say if I told you that you can get a brand, spanking new cell phone for free? How about if you got a cash back rebate on top of free? What if you could browse online, taking your time, with NO sales pressure at all. When you find what you want, you can order it in a few minutes right from your computer, or call a toll free number and a friendly customer service agent will assist you. How would you like a new phone under these conditions?

I thought so. You can browse to your heart's content at Cell Phone Plans Finder, where you can check out the various cellular carriers, the dozens and dozens of phone models they offer, and pick the service plan that works best for you.

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