Friday, May 12, 2006

Sanyo SCP-3100 Pink Cell Phone with Camera

It's very pretty, very pink and very free after rebate. It's the Sanyo SCP-3100 Pink, the latest in Sprint PCS cell phones with a feminine flair. You get a camera, a speakerphone and a gorgeous fashion accessory all built into a small and lightweight clamshell phone.

Hold this cell phone in your hand and it's a vision in pink, about the size of a business card. The external monochrome display shows important information such as signal strength, battery life and time of day. It rests lightly in your hand because it only weighs 3.5 ounces. You'll hardly notice it in your pocket or purse. But take it out and others will notice right away. They'll wonder why they settled for a bland generic looking phone while yours makes a style statement.

Flip open you Sanyo SCP-3100 Pink and you'll find the pink accents on the light case give it a special look, while being highly functional. Go ahead. Inspire envy by making a call right now. If the friend next to you has a particularly surprised look, take a picture. The SCP-3100 Pink is a camera phone with a VGA quality digital camera and a self-timer to include you in the group pictures. Those pictures will look great on the color main display which is capable of showing over 65,000 colors.

You also have the option to share your photos as Picture Mail with the Sprint PCS Vision add-on service. PCS Vision gives you the ability to send and receive SMS text messages, picture messages and email. You can even visit popular Web pages with the built-in browser.

What else will this gorgeous little cell phone do? How about voice memos? No need to go looking for pencil and paper when the need arises. You can simply record short voice memos up to 18 seconds long right on your phone. Many phones now let you record a single message. This one gives you up to 12 recordings.

There are also times when it is unsafe or inconvenient to be holding a cell phone even as pretty as this one. For those times, you can switch on the high quality speakerphone and be communicating hands-free. This is also a great feature to have when your whole group wants to join in the conversation.

Another special mode of communications is PTT or Push to Talk. This is the famous "Walkie Talkie" system where you push one button and your voice instantly comes out of the phone you are calling without having to wait for a ring and answer. It's just like a two-way radio, but with much greater range. Sprint PCS Ready Link is a low cost add-on service that gives you walkie-talkie communications with similarly enabled phones. Hint: You'll be able to instantly communicate with another family member if you subscribe to a shared minutes plan and both have these cell phones.

Does this sound like a great deal but you've already got your heart set on a different model phone or perhaps a different carrier? You'll find great deals on just what you are looking for at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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