Thursday, May 04, 2006

Red Hot Cell Phones For Your Red Hot Momma

Is your momma a red hot go-getter? Is she the type to paint the town red? Yes? Then why on Earth would she want a plain old dull looking cell phone when she can have one that's hot, hot hot? We've got 'em in red and at deals that sizzle red hot for momma's day.

Most exclusive of the collection is the Diane von Furstenberg Mobile by Samsung. This avant garde design in hot red and cool black is one of a kind. It's much more than a cell phone. Diane's mobile is a fashion accessory. The clamshell case is adorned in a reproduction of an Andy Warhol painting that features Diane's own likeness. A Diane von Furstenberg charm completes the unique design of this couture phone. The collectible package includes a CityBand accessory to hold your lip gloss and credit cards. Plus you get signature screensavers and special ringtones. The external screen doubles as a mirror for quick touch ups. Did we mention that the exclusivity of this unique phone is enhanced by the very limited production run of only 1,000 units?

The Diane von Furstenberg Mobile is more than just a mere collector's item. It's a fully functional small and lightweight camera phone that gives you text messaging capability, speed dialing, a 300 entry phone book and over 3 hours of talk time. The built-in digital camera is also capable of video capture when still photos just don't do justice to the moment.

You know your mother would love one of these, but you want one too. What to do? Order a shared minutes plan and get TWO Diane Von Furstenberg mobile phones. This beauty is specially priced at $199.99, but the fashion statement can be priceless.

The brand new Sanyo MM-8300 Red phone is so blazing red hot that it is almost Satanic!. You want red? It's hard to imagine a phone that embraces the color red more than this one. Functionally, it's as hot as it is pretty. The MM-8300 is a next generation multimedia phone capable of TV-like video or music on demand with the add-on Sprint PCS Vision service. The Sprint PCS Vision Ultimate Pack gives you unlimited Sprint TV, Picture Mail, Video Mail, email, instant messaging and Web access to popular Web sites.

Another new feature is the Sprint PCS Ready Link Push to Talk service. Add on this package and you can engage in walkie-talkie style communication as well as regular cell phone calls.

The Sanyo MM-8300 sports a VGA quality digital camera with LED flash for low light condition, a self-timer and multiple shot capability. You can also use it as a camcorder to make short movies up to 30 seconds long.

This multimedia beauty is available at a special introductory offer that makes it free after rebate. Yes, you can pay as much as five hundred dollars for one of these hotties, assuming you can find it in a store. But order it with service through our online cellular store and you'll pay just $99.99 up front with $100 in mail-in rebates.

Our third red-hot special for your red hot momma is the LG PM-225 Red, which features a beautiful red cover accent on a small lightweight silver toned clamshell camera phone. It has a digital camera with self timer, high quality speakerphone, voice activated dialing and two-way text messaging. Both the large internal display and the smaller external display are in full color.

The PM-225 Red is about the size of a business card when closed and weights just 3.35 ounces. You'll barely notice it in your pocket or purse. Friends will be sure to take note when they see you talking on this stylish cell phone with the distinctive red top cover. "Is it expensive?", they'll ask. You just smile as you continue your conversation. No need to mention that while others may have paid dearly, you received yours completely free by wisely shopping our online cellular store. If you want to be a true friend you can mention that and the fact that you ordered a shared minutes plan and got both your phone and another one as a gift for your mother for free with 2-day free delivery included.

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