Saturday, May 13, 2006

Nokia 6103 Camera Phone Has FM Stereo Radio and Bluetooth

Nokia's latest edition to its popular clamshell phone design is the 6103. With this phone you get such advancements as Bluetooth communications, FM stereo radio, digital camera and five different ways to do messaging. No need to wait. The Nokia 6103 is available at a special low price .

If there is something familiar looking about this cell phone, you should know it is an enhanced version of the popular Nokia 6101, which is still available as of this writing at an incredible savings. The 6101 does not have the Bluetooth capability, but does include a digital camera and the FM stereo radio.

So what's with the radio? Let's face it. A phone is no longer just a telephone. What people really want is a complete suite of electronics capability that they can take with them. Entertainment is a big part of this demand. Some phones, like the proverbial Motorola ROKR, let you download iTunes and carry them with you. Others, let you download songs or music videos. The Nokia 6103 includes a radio so that you can get an unlimited amount of news, music, sports and talk shows without having pay extra for broadband download capability or pre-load the phone. Enjoy your favorite entertainment and when news breaks you'll have instant unlimited access on the FM radio band.

By the way, this phone also provides the capability for streaming multimedia support with MPEG4 video playback and high speed data access. This Nokia phone is ready for mobile entertainment as well as person to person communications.

Another feature that most people like is the ability to take impromptu photos and send them to friends and colleagues. The 6103 has a VGA quality digital camera with self-portrait mode and 4x digital zoom. It can also capture short video clips in camcorder mode.

You'll be proud to display this cool looking cell phone as you make and take calls. Sometimes, though, holding a phone to your ear is either unsafe or inconvenient. This is where the 6103 excels. Clip a Bluetooth headset on your ear and you can put the phone safely in your pocket or purse while you converse unencumbered. You also have the option to switch on the speakerphone for hands free conversations, perhaps including the group of friends sitting with you.

Messaging is another strong suit of the Nokia 6103. There are five, count 'em five, messaging technologies built-into this phone. Of course, you have standard 2-way SMS text messaging plus text messaging templates. You can send your pictures via multimedia messaging, including video clips. You can also send audio messages via audio messaging. Instant messaging supports AOL, Yahoo! and ICQ. Finally, there is email. Yes, you can send and receive email messages with the built-in email client. There is also a mobile Web browser included to complete your Internet access.

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