Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Samsung A580 Cell Phone Special

The Samsung A580 is small and lightweight basic cell phone that feels much more expensive than its free price. Yes, I said free.

If you are shopping for your first cellular phone or are still using a model that is several years old, the Samsung A580 deserves a look. It's blue and silver toned clamshell case has an external display that shows you important information even while your phone is closed. You'll be able to check battery life, signal strength, time, and even Caller ID.

Flip open this stylish phone and you'll find a vibrant main color display plus a simple, straightforward keypad. A big extra is the built-in speakerphone that lets you have hands-free conversations for safety or convenience. Voice activated dialing is a new technology feature. This one is so advanced that it doesn't require training.

Another extra is the large phonebook with up to 300 contacts. You can have up to 5 entries for each of those contacts, for multiple numbers per name. Other features include a calculator, calendar, alarm, to-do list, and voice memo. You can download games, custom graphics and ringtones to completely customize your A580. You get 29 ringtones included for starters.

SMS messaging is included with text messaging templates and fast predictive text technology. There is also a WAP 2.0 browser built-in for mobile Web browsing using the Sprint PCS Vision service.

How about battery life? The powerful Li Ion battery gives you up to 210 minutes of talk time. That's 3 1/2 hours. Standby time is a respectable 168 hours or up to 7 days away from the charger.

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