Friday, May 26, 2006

Give Dad a Razor or a Blade

Father's Day is June 18 and Dad already has his ideal present picked out. Is it a tie? Mmmm. No. How about some Barbecue tools? No, he's already got a set. Golf balls? Hey, you can find all you want at the course. Here, I'll tell you the secret. Dad's fancy has turned to razors and blades.

Shaving equipment? You've GOT to be kidding! No, I'm not kidding about the razors and blades. The "cutting edge" devices I've got in mind are in the cell phone category.

First on the list is the Motorola RAZR V3, known affectionately as the "Razor." This advanced technology design has been a hot seller from the day it was announced to the world. Motorola thought way out of the box on this one. Actually, the box is where the key breakthrough was made. Until the RAZR, cell phones were designed around robust plastic cases that would hold up to day to day handling. Consequently, the case thickness measured in at around an inch. The Motorola RAZR is housed in an aircraft grade aluminum shell that makes it strong, lightweight and only half and inch thick.

The original Motorola RAZR V3 features a large 2.2 inch color display, a digital camera, Bluetooth communications and a cool backlit feather touch keyboard. You can get Dad a razor phone with Cingular Wireless service free after rebate.

Verizon has an advanced model of the razor called the RAZR V3c in a grey metal finish. It features an upgraded digital camera with megapixel capability plus support for Verizon's VCAST streaming videos.

Even more cutting edge than the razor is the blade, as you might suspect. "Blade" is the nickname of the Samsung A900 multimedia phone. It comes in a very cool black case just barely thicker than the RAZR. The blade includes a megapixel camera, on-demand video and music from Sprint TV, Bluetooth communications, plus a built-in MP3 player. Yes, you take your own tunes with you when you load them into your A900. You even get front panel controls to control your music experience with the phone closed.

So, what's it going to be? The razor or the blade? Oh, that's your choice. I'm sure dad would love any of these great cell phones. Did you know that if you order a shared minutes plan you can get TWO phones of your choice? You can.

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