Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Get the Motorola ROKR iTunes Phone Free

The Motorola ROKR "Rocker" is the phone that lets you take your iTunes with you without having to invest in an Apple iPod music player. That's right. This is a cell phone that is also an iTunes music player and will store about 100 of your favorite songs using the expandable memory card feature. It's the perfect graduation gift for that student on the way to college or for anyone who's wanted the rocker phone but was put off by the cost.

This is a fantastic deal but it won't last long. The ROKR is free along with free 2-day delivery included. Yes, this is the cutting-edge Motorola ROKR E1 that holds up to 100 iTunes and will play them through the built-in stereo surround-sound speakers or the included stereo headset. Plus it has many more great features.

The Motorola ROKR is a candybar style phone that fits neatly in the palm of your hand. It has extraordinary battery life. You can talk for up to 9 hours or play music on the speakers for up to 6 hours before recharging. Download your iTunes from PC or Mac with the included USB cable. While your tunes are playing, the giant color screen shows album art. Don't worry about missing calls. When the phone rings, the music pauses until you have completed your call.

The big screen on the ROKR is also great for viewing the pictures you take using the built-in VGA quality digital camera. Take and share snapshots or short video clips in MPEG4 format.

This phone has the advanced capabilities such as Bluetooth communications and speakerphone. Sometimes it isn't convenient or safe to hold a cell phone to your ear. Clip on a Bluetooth headset or just switch on the speakerphone and you're communicating hands-free.

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