Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Return of the Pink Razor

If you've been frustrated looking for the pink razor phone with Cingular Wireless service, you are not alone. The intital shipments around Valentine's Day were snapped up faster than anyone thought possible. Fortunately, there has been another production run and we have at least temporarily restocked our online cellular store.

I say act quickly, because supplies are limited. We only have so many of these at this special discount price and then they'll be gone again. Who knows when or even if more will arrive? If this flashy pink beauty is the phone for you, be sure to get your order placed right now online.

Just as a reminder, the Motorola RAZR Pink has an anodized aluminum shell that is only a half-inch thick. That's about half the thickness of a typical plastic clamshell phone. The large 2.2 inch brilliant main color display is perfect for showing the pictures and short videos you'll take using the built-in digital camera. This phone is Bluetooth enabled so you can clip one of those little Bluetooth headsets on your ear and talk hand-free. Or use the speakerphone as another hands-free option. This RAZR V3 Pink model is a quad band GSM phone capable of worldwide operation.

Oh, you knew all of that already? You were just wondering where you could get hold of a pink razor? We'll let's just move on to the offer. Learn more about this phone's capabilities, view the image gallery to see how it looks from different angles. Right now and for a limited time they're available at a special deal. Your beautiful Pink RAZR will be delivered to you before you know it with the 2 day FedEx shipping that is included free.

I really shouldn't say this because of the limited supplies, but if you order a shared minutes service plan, you can get TWO of the Pink Razor Phones with this special deal. Or chose a different model as your second phone.

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