Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sanyo VI 2300 is a Subtle Vision in Pink

The Sanyo VI-2300 Pink is a clamshell style flip phone about the size of a business card and only an inch thick when folded shut. It has a pink grill on the front that use used for the high quality Sanyo speakerphone. You'll also find a small external display that shows signal strength, battery life and current time.

Flip open your stylish VI-2300 Pink and you'll find a vivid color main display that shows over 65,000 colors. You'll enjoy holding this phone to the envy of those who wish they had found one like it rather than the garden-variety silver models that are so ubiquitous. At other times you'll want to keep your hands free, which is when you'll be glad you have the built-in speakerphone. Hands free dialing capability is also included.

The Sanyo VI-2300 Pink is stylish, useful and fun. You can use Sprint PCS Vision service to download games, ringtones and wallpapers. Customize this phone and make it really yours.

Other handy features include the ability to record voice memos. No pen and paper handy? No problem. You can record as many as 12 different messages up to 18 seconds each. Alarm, calculator and calendar are also built-in.

Sometimes you need to communicate but it really isn't appropriate to talk. For those times you'll be happy that your new cell phone lets you send and receive SMS text messages.

Battery life is good, too. You can talk up to 195 minutes or well over 3 hours. Standby time is up to 312 hours which is almost 2 weeks away from the charger.

Did we mention that this VI-2300 comes in an understated pink color scheme? Pink, but tasteful.

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