Thursday, February 23, 2006

Cell Phone Bling Bling is the Hot Thing Thing

OK. This is just for fun. How's your cell phone bling? No bling bling? Well, we can help you do something about that. Why have a common cell phone when you can have the coolest look?
Let's start out with phone crystals. These are sheets of stick-on crystals that dazzle in the light. You get 500 pieces to decorate your cell phone, Ipod, MP3 player, CD player or whatever else needs a more decorative look. No glue needed. You can give your phone an instant and unique face lift in a couple of hours. Cell phone crystal bling bling is available in a variety of color combinations that include silver plus red, green, orange, pink or purple. Pick your favorite color or combine for an even cooler look.

Next, let's have a look at that phone strap. Of course you need a strap, and one with your personal choice in jewelry attached. Choose from a variety of colors and designs including animals, hearts, stars, and so on.

Go a step further with phone charms. Some of these flash off and on when your cell phone picks up a signal. Some are just cute plush characters. Not enough of a show? Well, then pick a flashing antenna light with 1 to 10 LEDs. That should get the party started.

Have you ever dropped your cell phone or left it behind because your pocket or purse was just way too full? What you need is a neck strap. They're available in several cool colors to complement whatever you're wearing. You'll probably need a whole collection to ensure you have something appropriate on hand.

How about some artwork to adorn that favorite cell phone. A cell phone 3D hologram sticker looks three dimensional. Choose a UFO, butterfly, snow man, slot machine, sun dial, cat face or basketball. Plus lots of others to pick from.

Alright. Now that you've got your bling on, have a look at some of the more mundane cell phone accessories, including covers and faceplates, holsters, bags, hands free kits, and replacement batteries. Perhaps even a data cable for serious work needs.

Am I being serious? Of course not. Bling and serious don't go together. Bling and fun go together. You can use a little more fun in your life, right?

While you're in a shopping mood, wouldn't you really like a brand new cell phone to bling? I'll bet you'd like the gorgeous Sanyo SCP-3100 Pink. It's a really nice shade of pink and you can get it free with your wireless service order for a limited time. We have lots and lots of other phones to choose from in all colors, many free and some even free with cameras. Shop till you drop your mouse at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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