Friday, December 09, 2005

Sanyo VI-2300 Cell Phone Special

Want a good, solid cell phone for every day use without a lot of complex bells and whistles? How about a great looking cell phone for under thirty bucks? That's the Sanyo VI-2300. Right now you can get it for just $29.99 when you order Sprint Wireless service from our online store. It's a looker in basic graphite. But you can also get your VI2300 in pink, blue, green or red.

The Sanyo VI-2300 is a solid entry level cell phone, but it's also good for anyone who doesn't really need multimedia extras or can't take a camera phone into work. No camera in this phone, but it does have a nice color main display that will show over 65,00 colors. It also has an external display to show valuable information while your phone is closed.

Don't want to be lugging some giant brick around in your pocket or purse? The VI-2300 is smaller than a business card and weighs only 3.6 oz. That doesn't inhibit it's battery life one bit. You get up to 195 minutes of talk time or over 3 hours. Standby time is a generous 312 hours or up to 13 days away from the charger.

You also get such extras as a built-in speakerphone so you can talk hands-free and even let a group in on the conversation. Don't have a pen and paper handy? Use your cell phone to record voice memos. You can record up to 12 messages of 18 seconds each. Even send and receive text messages if you wish.

If you like the idea of a great cell phone deal but prefer a different model phone or perhaps a different carrier, we have lots more to chose from at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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