Friday, December 09, 2005

LG VX5200 Camera Phone Special Offer

It's holiday family time, and what's cozier than a shared minutes cellular plan? Unless one of you is an incredible minutes hog, you'll save money with a shared plan over what you'd pay for two separate cell phone plans. To sweeten the pot, consider getting not one but two free cell phones after rebate plus cash back when ordered with a Verizon Wireless shared minutes plan. Yes, I said cash back. Not just any phones, either. These are the popular LG VX5200 camera phones that you may have seen advertised as buy one get one free. But why do that when you can get an even better deal from our online cellular store.

Don't need two phones? No problem. You can also get one LG VX5200 cell phone free after rebate plus cash back with an individual Verizon Wireless plan. One or two. It's your choice.

You'll be getting the fun and fashionable VX5200 camera phone from LG. The digital camera takes VGA quality photos and even lets you join the group shots using the timer function. There's also a self-portrait mode for you and only you.

Those pix will look great on the main color screen which supports over 65,000 colors. Unlike many phones, the smaller external display is also a full color screen that can show over 65,000 colors. It will show you important information such as signal strength, battery life, date and time, and more. Of course, the VX5200 is fully customizable with downloadable games, ringtones and wallpapers.

Go hands-free with your LG VX5200. The built-in speakerphone is great for group discussions or personal convenience. You can also dial hands-free with advanced voice dialing that lets you dial a name or navigate the menu. Record up to 30 voice memos of up to a minute each. Or forget the voice thing and just go into text and picture message mode. Either way, you have a 500 entry phonebook that holds 5 numbers and 2 email addresses for each contact.

This is an Internet ready phone. The LG VX5200 comes with both an instant messenger and WAP 2.0 Web browser built-in. High speed Internet service is an option you can add to your voice plan.

All this technology, great looks and a fantastic deal.

If you like the idea of a great cell phone deal but prefer a different model phone or perhaps a different carrier, we have lots more to chose from at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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