Wednesday, December 07, 2005

LG VX6100 Camera Phone Special

One of the most popular cell phones this year has been the LG VX6100 and it's easy to see why. It's got everything you need in one sharp looking package. Best of all, it's a terrific bargain. Did you know that you can get your VX6100 free after rebate when you order it with Verizon Wireless service from our online cellular store? You'll even wind up with $50 extra after you get your cash rebates. Sweet deal, right?

The LG VX6100 is a camera phone that takes VGA quality snapshots you can share with friends and family. What's special about this camera is that it comes with a lens cover. No worrying about scratching up the lens in your pocket or purse. The lens cover makes sure that you'll see some great shots on the crystal clear main color display. For low light situations, the camera has a flash available. So, who needs to be hauling a separate digital camera around? Not you.

The 128x160 brilliant color display is capable of showing 11 lines of text. You can send and receive both text and pictures with the VX6100. You also get a separate color external display that shows important information while your phone is closed.

You can dial and talk hands-free if you want. The LG VX6100 has voice-driven menus and voice activated dialing. For conference calls or just for convenience you can turn on the built-in speakerphone.

There's more high technology in your VX6100. The phone book will hold 499 entries. You can have multiple numbers per name, including 5 numbers, 3 emails and a Photo ID for every contact. Your phone comes preloaded with 41 ringtones and you can download more if you wish. You can also customize the themes and graphics to make this cellular phone truly yours.

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