Monday, December 12, 2005

Get a New Motorola RAZR Black When You Extend Your Cingular Contract

You know how you get that horrible sinking feeling every time you see an ad for the hot new Motorola RAZR Razor Black cell phone? Oh, you want one. But you can't get it right now because you've still got a couple months to go on your current Cingular contract. Sigh!

Hey, perk up. You are in luck. Now you can order a new black razor phone at a huge discount and all you have to do is extend your Cingular Wireless contract for another term.

Here's the deal. The RAZR Black has a value of several hundred dollars, but you can get it for a special low price when you extend your Cingular Wireless contract for another 2 years. Hey, most places will charge you more for a RAZR on a new contract. You also have the option to extend a shared minutes plan and get two Motorola RAZR Black phones.

In order to qualify for a Cingular Wireless contract extension, you must be within two months of your contract expiring. In other words, you originally signed up for a 24 month contract and are at least 22 months into it. Your account must be in good financial standing and without late fees. You have to agree to a contract extension of equal time from the end of your current contract. There may be other eligibility requirements also, such as usage history, payment record, etc.

Anyway, if you qualify, you can get yourself the latest in hot cell phones, the Motorola RAZR in Black anodized finish. That's one sweet phone and it's got all the technology you wish you had. If you prefer, you can select a different model phone. Prices vary, but I think you'll agree that they are excellent values.

Oh, your contract is expired? Maybe even with another carrier? If you want a new Cingular Wireless contract, you can get an even better deal on the phone. For new service, your RAZR Black is available free after rebate. You also have lots of other phones to choose from.

If you don't qualify as a current Cingular Wireless customer, you can check out the RAZR Black offer for new service and place your order. Yeah, it really is free after rebate. For an even better deal, choose a shared minutes plan and select two phones of your choice.

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