Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Motorola i265 Walkie-Talkie Phone Deal

The Motorola i265 works as both a traditional cell phone and a walkie-talkie phone using the cellular PTT (Push To Talk) technology of Nextel. The beauty of PTT is that you have a walkie-talkie with almost unlimited range. Call another Nextel customer across town or across the country and you have instant communications. Or make cellular phone calls to any phone on Earth. It's your choice. Choosing the i265 is an easy choice too, when you know it's free.

That's right. The Motorola i265 cell phone is free to you along with free 2-day shipping when you order it with a Nextel wireless service plan. Were you thinking of buying a set of walkie-talkies? Why not order a Nextel shared minutes plan instead and get 2 free Motorola i265 phones that you can use as walkie-talkies anywhere within the Nextel service area.

The i265 might be called a "candy bar" style phone. There's nothing to flip open. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand with all controls easily accessible. The brilliant color main display measures 128 x 128 pixels and shows over 65,000 colors. You can use it for text messaging when you can't or don't want to talk. The large phone book holds 600 entries. You can use up to 7 entries per name plus email addresses.

The Motorola i265 will also go hands-free. Make calls with voice activated dialing. Use the built-in speakerphone when you don't want to hold the phone or when you want to let others in on the conversation.

Make this phone your own with downloadable ringtones and graphics. Caught without pencil and paper? Record up to 20 voice reminders on your phone.

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