Thursday, December 15, 2005

FREE Motorola RAZR V3 Black Razor Phone with FREE Bluetooth Headset

Here's the holiday special you've been waiting for. Get the ultra-cool and ultra-thin Motorola RAZR V3 "Razor" cell phone free after rebate when you order it with a Cingular Wireless plan from our online cellular store. Right now, until supplies run out (could be any time), you'll also receive a free Bluetooth headset so that you can talk privately hands-free without any dangling cords. To make this an even better deal, you'll also get free 2-day shipping by FedEX.

Just a few highlights of the RAZR V3 Black phone. Its trademark is the half-inch thin cast aluminum shell with a black anodized finish. The aircraft grade aluminum construction, along with a chemically etched feather touch keypad are what make it possible to get the advanced technology of the V3 in such a slim package.

That high technology includes a digital camera with 4x zoom, Bluetooth communications to support cordless headsets, speakerphone, large brilliant color main display and color external display, quad-band GSM worldwide capability, 1,000 entry phone book and so much more.

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