Thursday, October 06, 2005

Samsung PM-A740 Cell Phone FREE

How would you like a very small, lightweight, clamshell phone that has all the functions you really want? How would you like it for free after rebate with your new cell phone service? You would? Great. You're going to love this phone.

The Samsung PM-A740, or Samsung A740 for short, weighs just 3.46 oz. Yet, within its classy shell you'll find a VGA quality digital camera with LED flash and self-portrait feature. Here's looking at you! There are two beautiful color displays. They both feature 65,000 colors and differ only in size. The main display inside is 128 x 160 pixels. The external display, which displays handy information without opening the phone, is 96 x 96 pixels. You get picture caller ID, downloadable games and polyphonic ringtones. Give your phone a custom ringer and also customize your phone's graphics.

The Samsung A740 has text messaging capability built-in. You can call 300 of your best friends from its large phone book. You can even save multiple numbers for each of your contacts. Another advanced feature is hands-free voice dialing without pre-recording tags. It's smart enough to be speaker-independent. You can talk for up to 180 minutes or 3 full hours. Standby time is up to a generous 192 hours, which is 8 days.

If you've been wanting one of those gorgeous clamshell phones that easily fits in your pocket and includes a digital camera, you'll want this deal. When you order it with new Sprint cellular service from our online store, the phone is free after rebate.

Get the Samsung PM-A740 with the recommended Sprint PCS Free and Clear Area Wide plan that gives you a whopping 1,000 anytime minutes per month plus unlimited night and weekend minutes. Nationwide long distance is included. You pay only $45.99 a month for all this service. Other Sprint plans start at just $29.99 a month.

If you love the idea of free and low cost cell phones but want a different model phone or another carrier, compare cell phone plans now and get exactly what you want from Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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