Sunday, October 23, 2005

NBA League Pass Special Offer

There's a nip in the air and a twinge of excitement as another professional basketball season begins. Will you be able to see all the games you want? Yes, you can, when you order NBA League Pass with your Dish Network Satellite TV service. If you order our Dish Network service with the FULL Season Package before November 8, 2005, you'll even get a special discount!

This is your incentive to treat yourself to Dish Network digital satellite TV. Come on, you know you want it and you certainly deserve to have it. With satellite TV providing your video programming, you can say goodbye to fuzzy, distorted TV pictures with one channel bleeding in on top of another. Each digital channel is crystal clear and so is the sound. You can also forget about the frustration of only having a few channels to pick from with nothing you really want to watch. Dish Network offers dozens upon dozens of exciting TV channels with so many programs you'll hardly be able to decide what to watch first. Get news and weather 24 hours a day. Find movies you haven't already seen any time you have a couple of hours to relax. Plus... the sports. Oh, the sports. If you are a true sports fan, you'll probably never leave the sports channels. Yeah, you may just never turn off the TV.

Now, basketball lover. Why should you settle for the paltry selection of games you can get over the air? No way. With NBA League Pass, you'll enjoy up to 40 regular season games a week. That's right. Not 40 games total. You'll get up to 40 games per week from outside your local viewing area. These are the games that your local stations won't be showing. PLUS, your subscription will also include NBA TV, a 24/7 resource for all things NBA.

We can offer you Dish Network at a great deal. You'll get up to 4 rooms of Dish Network satellite equipment professionally installed free of charge. You don't have to buy any equipment. Dish Network works with the TV you have now. In fact, it will likely improve both the sound and picture you've been receiving. Plus, you can get the fantastic Dish Network DVR or digital video recorder. This special satellite receiver records programs so you can watch them later. Miss a play? You'll be able to see it again at the touch of a button. Pause and rewind live TV with your DVR. Trust me, once you've used one, you'll never be able to go back to regular TV.

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