Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Security Camera Software Offers Free Demo Download

It's important to know who's prowling around your home or business when you're not around, or what your employees are up to when you aren't looking. Security camera systems offer peace of mind and the visual evidence you need to catch the bad guys. Sadly, the cost has priced these systems way beyond the budget of a homeowner or small business person. Until now, that is.

Visec Security Software has a new product that lets you build a professional grade security system for very little cash outlay. In fact, you may already have everything you need in the way of hardware. Visec runs on a Windows based PC (Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000) as just another application. It will even run secretly in stealth mode if you want. You do need to keep your PC on and you'll need a video camera connected. Any video camera that will work with your PC is OK. It can even be one of those cheap webcams.

Now here's how Visec works. The software is always monitoring the camera video. It records what the camera sees, along with the date and time. Just like a professional security system, right? One difference is that the Visec security camera software only starts recording when it detects motion. That way you don't use up your whole hard disk recording scenes where nothing is happening. Pretty clever, huh?

Here's something even more impressive. As soon as the software detects something moving in the scene, like a sneaky burglar, it not only starts recording but will send you an alert on your cell phone, pager or email at work. You'll even get a copy of the image that the camera saw. If you want to keep monitoring, you can log-in to your home computer from work or another location and watch what is happening in front of the camera in real time. If you don't like what you see, call the cops! This feature is also handy for keeping an eye on elderly parents or seeing how the babysitter is really caring for your child.

As a home security system, Visec software lets you monitor what is happening inside your house, garage, driveway, or outbuilding. You can see who's coming to the front door. You can use it to monitor a single camera or several. Check up on your office after hours. Find out who's fooling around with your computer when you aren't there. Keep an eye on the kids when they come home after school. If something happens, you'll be alerted no matter where you happen to be, even if you're on the go. What other security system will do that? You can also set the software to upload video to your website to make a webcam site.

OK, how much is this really going to cost every month? Don't security systems have monthly fees? Not this one. This revolutionary software product is something you pay for once and then use as much as you want. There are no fees beyond the purchase price. You can even try before you buy with a no-charge demo download.

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