Thursday, September 08, 2005

DirecTV vs Dish Network

If you are interested in getting satellite TV service because of the huge selection of available programming and the high quality all-digital picture and sound, you have a choice to make. It's DirectTV vs Dish Network. They're both great options, but how to choose?

It's really quite a horse race. Both services use geosynchronous satellites to provide digital video and audio to a small dish mounted on your roof, deck, or any spot with a clear view of the southern sky where the satellites are parked. Both services offer high definition or HDTV programming. Both have digital video recorders and an option so you can record shows for later viewing or pause and rewind live TV. Both services are now offering local channels in many markets.

Admittedly, it's hard to make a choice between DirecTV and Dish Network satellite television. So, let's take a look at some of the current special offers as of this writing. Please note that these offers do change often and that particular dealers may include extra bonuses you don't find elsewhere.

Dish network is known for its technical innovation, especially in developing its own digital video recorder or DVR to record, pause and rewind satellite TV programs. It works something like a VCR, except that it is all digital and uses an internal hard drive instead of tapes. The picture and sound quality are exactly the same whether you are watching a live program or one that you recorded. The pause feature is especially welcome during sporting events or long movies when you want to take a long break and not miss anything. You know, like when the pizza guy shows up, or other necessities.

So which is better in the comparison of DirecTV vs Dish Network? Take a look at what each has to offer and YOU decide!

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Alison said...

I recently had to make the decision between DISH Network and DirecTV because of all the good things I heard about them and how much I disliked my cable provider. From what I've been finding online I could see that DISH Network was the right provider for me. I found this website and after reading through it saw it became clear that DISH was the best. So now I work/subscribe with them and can finally say that I love my TV services again! :)