Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Easy to Use Cell Phones With Money Back

The latest technology in cell phones gives you on-demand video, web browsing, camcorders, Microsoft Office document viewers and GPS navigation. But what if all you want is a basic telephone? You know, a little device you carry around so you can talk to people? Well, you're in luck. There are some great little cell phones available right now that are easy to use and not only free, but with cash back rebates.

The LG VX3200 is typical of the high quality, low cost basic cellular phones. It has a sporty, rounded flip-style clamshell design and a full color display. The backlight gives the keyboard a blue glow so you can find the buttons day or night. It's considered an entry level phone, but does have some extras like a speakerphone for hands-free conversations and text messaging for completely silent communications. What you don't find are a camera, video playback or high speed Internet service. It's a cell phone and a nice one.

Right now you can get the LG VX3200 cell phone free when you order it with new Verizon Wireless service, such as the America's Choice 450 plan. You get 450 anytime minutes per month, unlimited IN calling, and free nationwide digital roaming.

Want to save even more? How about the candy bar style Nokia 6010? This good looking phone lets you talk for over 5 hours or keep it on standby for up to 10 days. It's a basic easy to use cell phone. You do get AOL instant messenger built-in, plus a calendar, calculator and task list if you wish to use them. Or play some games while you're waiting in line.

Currently, you can get the Nokia 6010 cell phone free when you order it with T-Mobile cellular service. The featured cell phone plan is the Get More 600 Minutes plan that gives you 600 anytime minutes per month, unlimited night and weekend minutes and free nationwide digital roaming.

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