Saturday, September 10, 2005

Motorola ROKR is a $99.99 iTunes Rocker

Why choose between your Apple iPod and your cell phone? The Motorola ROKR is the first wireless phone in the U.S. to play Apple iTunes. It's a great music machine and a great cell phone in one small package. It's also very affordable when you order it with new a Cingular Wireless voice plan from our online cellular store. I'll give you the link for this special deal in just a second.

First, let's take a look at this cutting edge meld between cell phone and music player. You can get other cell phones that play MP3 tunes. But the Motorola ROKR lets you load up to 100 iTunes and play them through its built-in stereo surround-sound speakers or with the included stereo headset. It has a huge battery life that lets you talk for up to 9 hours or play music on the speakers for over 6 hours. Oh, yeah. It's a party machine.

How do you get the songs? Simply connect your Motorola ROKR to your Mac or PC through a USB cable and then sync it with iTunes. You can also autofill your phone with a random selection of songs from your iTunes music library. Think of it as a digital jukebox as well as a personal music player. Use the giant color screen on your cell phone to control your iTunes playback and watch album art as a song is playing.

Oh, I almost forgot. The Motorola ROKR is also a superb cell phone. It comes with a VGA quality digital camera that has 4x digital zoom. You can use it to take snapshots or short movie clips as a camcorder. Use the speakerphone to include the whole gang in your call. Or, add a Bluetooth headset to make calls without the headset wire. Your iTunes will pause when you take a call. You can keep listening to your iTunes while you send text messages or snap pictures.

Other goodies include customizable faceplates, graphics, themes, ringtones and Java games. Oh, and get this. The phone not only vibrates, but uses Haptic Technology to vibrate in tune with music or games. Haptics is the science of touch. This is the same technology that is used in those force feedback joysticks and steering wheels for realistic video games. Too much?

Well, you won't be saying "too much" when I share this special offer with you. You can get your ROKR free after rebate plus $50 cash back for a limited time. Don't delay. This offer may not be around for long.

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