Sunday, July 03, 2005

Race to Nextel for Great Cellphones

While watching the Argent Mortgage Indy 300 this afternoon on ESPN, I saw a commercial for Nextel. They were offering three of their phones at special savings. Now while I'm not quite as competative as Tony Kanaan, who won the race, or our hometown girl, Danica Patrick, I do like to compare our cellphone offers to the TV commercials or newspaper ads. Once again, the better offers come when you order your cell phone online.

Let's start by looking at the Motorola i836, the lightest and smallest Push-to-Talk phone available. It supports the new Nextel Group Connect service, as well as Direct Connect. You've also got full GPS capability, speakerphone and just about everything else you would want. Nextel's commercial offered this phone for $199.99 after $50 savings.

The next cell phone mentioned in this commercial was the Motorola i275 at $99.99 after $50 savings. With a built in VGA camera, push-to-talk and integrated speakerphone, this is a good offer. Of course, it's an even better offer online when it's free after $50 rebate. Again, we include the in-car charger and holster at no charge.

Finally, there is the i205, which includes push-to-talk with speakerphone, voice dialing and more. Although Nextel calls this an entry level phone, the only thing wimpy about the i205 is the commercial deal. They offered this phone free after $50 rebate. Free after rebate just isn't good enough for me on this one. I can get you this phone for free upfront plus include $125 in mail-in rebates.

Have I got your motor running? If so, click the links for any of those phones or come to Cell Phone Plans Finder to select the carrier and phone that suits you best. Prices and availability are subject to change, so when you see the offer you want, order today.

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