Saturday, July 02, 2005

Give Me Liberty, and Control Over My Cell Phone Plan

If you value your independence and bristle at the notion of signing a two year contract for cellular service, consider the alternative of a prepaid cell phone plan. Liberty Wireless gives you freedom:
  • Freedom from contracts
  • Freedom from credit checks
  • Freedom from deposits
  • freedom from cancellation penalties
  • Freedom from high bills
  • Freedom from surprise overage charges
  • Freedom from buying plastic time cards

Every Liberty Wireless plan includes free nationwide roaming, free long distance calling, voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, and 3-way calling. Each month you'll pay in advance for your plan's minutes. Once they're gone, you can purchase a package of more minutes or stop using your phone until the next month. This allows you to control your calling and costs as you choose. If you decide that you regularly need more or fewer minutes than the plan you selected, just change your plan. Since there's no contract, you determine how you want to use your cell phone.

You need a credit card, debit card or check card to order the Liberty Wireless phone. Each month you can have your bill charged to this same card, or you can set up automatic withdrawal from your checking account, or you can even pay cash at a variety of places that provide Western Union, In Person Payment and MoneyGram services. You'll be able to look up the nearest payment location or make any changes to your service in your online account.

If you want a great cell phone without hassle, this is your plan. Simply select your phone and plan, place your order online, and your new phone will soon arrive at your door, courtesy of Liberty Wireless' free ground shipping.

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