Friday, July 08, 2005

Cheap International Cell Phone Rates

International calling rates from landline phones have been getting better and better. But how about making calls to other countries from your cell phone? Ouch! If you cellular provider even allows this, you'll pay a hefty extra charge for those overseas calls. If you want the convenience of cellular phone service plus the ability to make low cost international phone calls from wherever you happen to be in the USA, there's a special cellular service you should know about.

Venture Mobile is pay as you go cellular phone service with very attractive international long distance rates. Here are some current international per minute calling rates: 2.7 cents to Mexico City, 2.3 cents to Canada, 3.7 cents to Japan, 2.6 cents to Germany, 2.8 cents to China, 2.7 cents to France, 2.9 cents to Australia, and 2.6 cents to the UK. You probably can't get those rates on your regular long distance service. You'll find all the international rates at the link for Venture Mobile I'll give you below.

So how does this work? Venture Mobile is prepaid cellular, not the usual type with contracts. In other words, you pay ahead for the minutes you'll use next month. There's no bill because you pay in advance. Since they are not issuing credit, there is no credit check and no contract for a Venture Mobile cell phone. That makes the service attractive even for people who just want to make local and long distance calls but don't have the credit to qualify for a cellular contract.

Venture mobile has lots of great cell phone models at attractive prices. You can even get a mail-in rebate for a refurbished Kyocera 2255, bringing your price after rebate to $45.95. A refurbished Samsung A-460 flip phone is just $59.95 after rebate. There are also brand new phones at attractive prices, too.

Pick your phone and then order the cellular minutes plan that is right for you. All plans include unlimited nights and weekends minutes, in-network roaming, long distance, 3-way calling, voicemail and caller ID. Plans start at $18.99 for no anytime minutes or $29.99 for 100 anytime minutes per month. Larger anytime minute plans are available. International minutes are an extra charge.

Interested in a regular contracted cellular service from Cingular, T-Mobile, Sprint, Nextel or Verizon Wireless? Compare cell phone plans with free cell phones.

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