Sunday, July 17, 2005

Nextel Cellular with Free Incoming Calls

One of the big changes in personal telephone service has been the trend to use cell phones exclusively rather using landlines when at home. You can make and receive phone calls on either service. But one striking difference has always been that the cell phone user pays for incoming calls. On a landline, you only pay for the calls you make. Nextel, now Sprint with Nextel, has broken through even this barrier with their new National Free Incoming cellular plans.

Take the Nextel National Free Incoming 300 Plan - 2yr for instance. You get 300 anytime minutes. Those 300 minutes are going to seem like much more than you get with other cell phone plans. That's because you also get unlimited free incoming calls. That's right. If someone calls you on your cell phone, you don't burn your anytime minutes or pay extra. Chatty friends and relatives constantly calling you? Go ahead and answer that ring. You don't have to pay for the pleasure of hearing their voice with a Nextel National Free Incoming plan.

Nextel has really raised the bar for what will eventually be considered standard in cellular service plans. An estimated 30% of cell phone users are now using only their cell phones for all-around telephone service. Next year, the first Wireless 411 service will become available. If you are going to leave your cell phone permanently on standby, you shouldn't have to worry about people calling you and using up your monthly anytime minutes.

In addition to the National Free Incoming 300 Plan for $49.99 a month, Nextel also offers a National Free Incoming 500 Plan with 500 anytime minutes and free incoming calls for $59.99 a month, and the National Free Incoming 1200 Plan with 1,200 anytime minutes and free incoming calls for $109.99 a month.

Right now Cell Phone Plans Finder is featuring the Motorola i710 flip phone for free, with bonus free car charger and free holster when you order your Nextel cellular service there. By default, you can get the more traditional Nextel National 1,000 Plan - 2yr that will give you 1,000 anytime minutes per month, but not the free incoming calls. If you want the free incoming calls feature, select the link to "More Nextel Plans" and select one of the National Free Incoming plans, such as the National Free Incoming 300 Plan - 2yr. Choose whichever plan makes the most sense for the way you use your cell phone.

You should know that Nextel offers many more cell phones as well as the Motorola i710. Some even offer money back after rebate. If you act now, you can get the Motorola i205 cell phone with $125 back after rebate. Opt for one of the available shared plans with the Motorola i205 and you make a whopping $250 after rebate. These offers are subject to change at any time, so act now if you see what you want when you Compare Cell Phones and Cellular Service Plans.

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