Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Is TracFone Prepaid Wireless Service Right For You?

TracFone is probably the most recognized name in pay-as-you-go cell phone service. It's the largest provider of prepaid cellular, with over 4.5 million subscribers. So what is TracFone doing to gain this amount of success?

The idea behind TracFone and other prepaid cell phone providers is that there are a lot of people who want the convenience of mobile phone service, but either can't get or don't want traditional cellular plans. If you are stretched tight on credit, are new to the US, are only going to be here a short time, or are just getting out on your own and haven't established credit yet, then TracFone's service might be just what you need.

TracFone is also a good thing to give to a child for security and convenience, but with you in control of how much is spent on the service. You'll be able to talk to your child any time you want, or leave messages on the voicemail that comes with TracFone service. They can call you anytime they need or want to. Plus, you can decide when you need or want to add airtime minutes to their phone.

Here's how it works. You get a special cell phone from TracFone that works with their system and includes a feature to display how many minutes you have left on your service. There are various models available, including the popular flip-phone or clamshell design. You can buy new cell phones or save money with a reconditioned model.

You don't get a monthly bill like you do with a regular cellular plan. Instead you buy minutes in the form of airtime cards. Cards range from 40 minutes up to 400 minutes. You don't have to use a fixed number of minutes per month. You keep your unused minutes as long as your service remains active. You can keep active service by purchasing another card every 60 days or buying a special 1 year card that lets you use the minutes anytime during the next 365 days. That's good for emergency phones that you keep in the glove compartment of your car for security. You can buy your airtime cards online or at many retail stores. TracFone also has a new auto-pay program that charges you monthly for additional minutes and doubles the number of minutes you get.

With your TracFone cell phone and airtime minutes, you also get free Caller ID, free Call Waiting, and free voicemail on the digital phone models. Long distance is included and the rates include all wireless taxes and fees. What you won't get is an ugly overage bill at the end of the month. It can't happen because there is no such thing as overage with prepaid cellular service. You buy your minutes before you use them and order more when you run low. If you don't make many calls in one month, carry your minutes over to the next month. Your TracFone cellphone will tell you how many minutes you have left and when they will expire.

Certainty is one of the big advantages of TracFone. You know all the time how much service you are using and what it cost you. Another advantage is privacy. You don't have a cellular provider running a nosy credit check or trying to charge you a big cancellation fee if you want out of your contract. With TracFone there are no credit checks, contracts, monthly fees, deposits or activation fees. It's straightforward pay as you go cell phone service.

Does this sound like the type of cell phone service you'd like or want for your child? If so, right now you can get a FREE Phone When You Order TracFone Service online here. Hurry! This offer ends soon.

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