Friday, July 15, 2005

FREE MP3 Player with T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans

If you hurry, you can get a special bonus offer available only through this Sunday, July 17. With this link, you can get a Motorola V330 free after rebate plus a free MP3 player with your new T-Mobile cellular service. You can also get the free MP3 player with other cell phones when you order a new T-Mobile service plan.

This special online offer gives you the hot next generation technology of the Motorola V330 camera phone that has Bluetooth communications built-in. That means you can use the phone with a Bluetooth headset or your Bluetooth enabled car. The VGA quality digital camera produces still pictures with 640x480 pixel resolution and also functions as a camcorder to make short movies up to 15 seconds long. Or put yourself in the picture using the camera self-timer.

The Motorola V330 is a terrific cell phone with a built-in speaker phone, hands free dialing and quad GSM band capability. But it's also data capable. In addition to Bluetooth communications, the V330 supports the EDGE high speed enhanced GPRS data service. It gives you two-way text messaging capability using the standard SMS protocol popular for cell phones. It also is capable of multimedia messaging via MMS and EMS. AOL Instant Messenger comes pre-loaded. With an add-on package of Phone Tools Software and USB, you can synchronize the phone with your PC and even use the phone as a modem. A WAP 2.0 Internet browser is built-in.

The Motorola V330 gives you two displays. In addition to the large color main display, there is also an external display that shows Caller ID battery life, and more. Pinball and Bejeweled games come built-in for your amusement and you can download more. You can customize your phone with polyphonic and MIDI ringtones for that personal touch.

You may have seen ads that want you to buy the Motorola V330 Video Phone. Don't do it. Get yours free after rebate when you order your T-Mobile cell phone service online. As a bonus you'll also receive a free car charger for your phone. Plus, if you hurry you can still get the free irock! MP3 player that has an $89.99 value. This player sport a built-in FM tuner with 20 presets, a 5-mode equalizer, skip-free playback of MP3 or WMA files, and 128 MB of built-in memory. It is PC and MAC compatible and comes with a cable, belt-clip, earphones and battery. It even has an LCD display to show you artist/title/album information.

Why pay for your cell phone and then pay for your MP3 player when you can get both free right now? If you want this combination you must act by this Sunday, July 17. Order now to be sure that you get this very special limited time offer.

Extra Special: Order a shared plan and get TWO free Motorola V330 cell phones, TWO free car chargers and TWO free MP3 Players!

If the V330 isn't the phone you had in mind, you'll find other cell phones that also include the free irock! MP3 player with T-Mobile cellular service when you order from Cell Phone Plans Finder. Just select T-Mobile as your carrier and then click the link for Phones under More T-Mobile Options to see what cell phones are currently available.

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