Saturday, July 16, 2011

Take Your Broadband On Vacation

Broadband at work or at home makes using the Internet such a pleasure. Most everyone now has a wireless router to distribute their broadband connection to desktop, laptop and notebook computers, plus tablets, e-readers and games. But what happens when you leave the building? Oh, oh. Nothing connects anymore.

Nationwide Mobile Broadband pay as you go...What you’d really like to have is a giant hotspot that goes where you go. You may be getting by in town and on the road by finding motels and restaurants that offer free WiFi. But it sure is frustrating when you can’t. What about at your relatives’ house or up at the lake? Internet? No Internet there.

Here’s a new way you can get that traveling WiFi hotspot and not worry about where you are going to find a connection. It’s called the DataJack MiFi. The MiFi is a slick little device about the size of a smartphone or deck of cards. There one button on the top to turn it on and off. Turn it on and you almost instantly have a WiFi signal that can be used by up to 5 devices. It’s called a personal hotspot because it goes with you.

How does the MiFi work? Inside is a rechargeable battery, a WiFi hotspot chip & antenna and a 3G wireless radio. What’s happening is that the MiFi is picking up the Internet wirelessly through cellular radio towers and then re-transmitting it on the WiFi band. This way any device that can connect to WiFi can have cellular wireless Internet.

Oh, but wait. If this is cellular broadband, then don’t you have to sign up for a two-year contract? No, not with this service. It’s pay as you go. There is no contract and no credit check to get turned down. If you decide you don’t want the service anymore, you can quit without having to pay any termination fees.

Think of the possibilities. You are stopped in your car because it is pouring rain. Wouldn’t it be great to see where the storm is headed so you can avoid the worst of it? No problem. Turn on your DataJack MiFi and your notebook computer or tablet and pull up the weather radar for that location. You’ll instantly have much more information that you’d get waiting for a forecast on the radio.

While you’re at it, why not see what restaurants and hotels are available in the area. A quick search by location will give you that and you’ll have their websites to peruse and phone numbers to call if you want to make reservations. All this while sitting in a parking lot in the rain somewhere out there.

Another good use for the same DataJack MiFi is backup broadband service for your home or office computer. Cable and DSL give you excellent connectivity until they don’t. Every broadband service has outages from time to time and it always seems like they go out at the worst possible time. If you have a DataJack MiFi, you can simply turn it on, connect any or all of your computers by WiFi and keep going. When landline service is restored, you can go back to it.

Some people may simply use the MiFi and forget about DSL or Cable Broadband. Why? Because they don’t use a desktop computer that much to justify paying for dedicated broadband every month. What they really want is a service they can use anywhere, including at home, and only pay for one Internet connection. This will work well as long as you are not one of those heavy users that is on all the time downloading HD videos and big software packages. There’s a limit of 5 GB per month, enough for nearly all casual Internet users, with overage charges beyond that.

Does the DataJack MiFi sound like a broadband service that will work for you? Instead of the MiFi, you can also choose a USB DataJack if that’s what your computer needs to connect. Learn more, check for coverage where you want to use it, and order DataJack 3G nationwide wireless broadband service now, so you’ll have it for your next trip.

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