Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cheap Long Distance Phone Service - VoIP

Are you looking for lower cost home and small office phone service with cheap long distance rates? How does $8.33 a month sound for unlimited calling to the US and Canada?

Yes, Phone Power is offering a limited time special offer that truly can’t be beat. This is residential VoIP Internet phone service that shares the broadband connection you use with your computers. It also works for small businesses that only need one or two lines.

Note that only the Cable, DSL, T1 or other broadband Internet connection is shared. This service doesn’t rely on your computer to make telephone calls. In fact, you can turn off all your computers and use the phone like you would any time. While you computers are on, you can talk and surf the Web at the same time.

What exactly do you get for your $8.33 per month? You can make or receive unlimited local and long distance calls for the US and Canada. Very few telephone services include all 50 states plus all Canadian provinces in their unlimited calling plans. You also get an hour’s worth of international calling included each month. This is perfect for anyone who needs to make occasional overseas calls and cringes at the thought of what will show up on the phone bill. If you want to talk longer or call countries that aren’t included in the free monthly calling time, rates are very attractive.

Now let’s talk about the free second line. Second line? Yes, a unique feature of Phone Power VoIP service is that they include a second “cloned” line with your service. You can plug two separate phones into the back of the adaptor box they send you to connect to your broadband modem. When a phone call comes in, both phones will ring. That’s because cloned lines share the same phone number. But, if one phone is in use, the other can receive new incoming calls or make calls without interfering with the conversation on the first line.

Imagine how handy the free second line will be if you have a big talker in your family. Teenagers, especially, are prone to long conversations and can make good use of the second VoIP line instead of burning their cellular minutes.

To get this incredibly low price, you need to choose the Phone Power special offer now available (as of this writing) for $199.95 per year. A second year is included free. Do the math and you’ll see this comes out to $8.33/mo for your unlimited phone service. If you don’t want the two year commitment, there are other plans that let you pay month to month if you wish. All of them come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee so you can make sure that this service mets your needs and works well with your current broadband service.

Does this sound like the best deal you’ve ever hear of for home and small business phone service? It likely is, so don’t let it slip away if you are interested. Learn more and order Phone Power VoIP Phone Service now, while the $8.33/mo deal is still available.

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