Friday, March 27, 2009

A Toll Free Number For Your Family

You call toll free numbers all the time for business, but have you ever considered having one for your family?

Here's why this makes sense. Toll free service has gotten so cheap that anyone can get one for themselves. What toll free numbers are good for is getting people to call you who might not otherwise because of the cost.

Who's that? Students away from home are a prime example, and if you've got one or more in college you know it's like pulling teeth to get them to talk to the folks at home. Phone service on campus has traditionally been expensive to the point of outrageous. You may have a phone in your room but you don't dare to use it for long distance calls for fear of the huge bill that will come your way.

Retired parents on fixed incomes are also wary of picking up the phone for a nice long chat over the miles. The cost of long distance service, even though you can get much cheaper long distance rates now, is still a barrier for people to make anything other than local calls.

Is one spouse traveling and the other at home? Might be nice to have a long talk from that hotel room. But hotel long distance rates are killers and you may not have a cheap billable calling card. Even on a cellphone, you might not want to burn an hour's worth of cellular minutes every evening. If you're in roaming territory you certainly don't want to.

Well, you can take the worry out of all these situations with a toll free number of your own. You only give it out to people you want to call you at your expense. Callers don't pay long distance rates to call toll free. Any calls you receive on that number only cost you 6.9 cents a minute. That's certainly less than hotel rates and may be less expensive than you pay now for regular long distance calls.

But how expensive are these numbers to get? How's $2 sound? Yes, an 866, 877 or 888 toll free number will cost you just $2 to get and $2 per month to keep as long as you like. 800 numbers are a little more. The only other charge is the 6.9 cents per minute rate for incoming calls from the 48 contiguous states and a bit higher for Alaska and Hawaii.

What you want to order is Kall8 Toll Free Service. One of the nice features of Kall8 is that you can choose which phone number you want your toll free number to ring to. That can be your home phone, cell phone or even office phone. There's no chance you'll miss a call if you always have the toll free number set to ring to the phone you are going to be at. If you can't take the call, voice mail will record it for you. You can even have the voicemail messages emailed so you can listen to them on your computer. Any FAX messages you get at your toll free number can also be sent to you as email attachments.

I see the gears turning! Hey, why not learn more and get a toll free number for your family now?

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