Monday, March 16, 2009

AT&T Waives Cell Phone Activation Fee This Week

I just got the word that AT&T is waiving the activation fee for new wireless customers through Midnight on Sunday, March 22. If you've been pondering a new AT&T cell phone with service this year, here's your incentive to act now. Hey, that's $36 you get to keep in your pocket. Now considering that you can get many hot AT&T cell phones for free and others at deep discounts, this special offer is really a bonus on top of a bonus on top of a ... Well, you get the idea.

Note: This is an exclusive offer available only through Sunday, March 22, 2009. We've got a collection of 67 AT&T cell phones, including BlackBerry models for your perusal. Some will even give you cash back as well as waive the activation fee. It's like finding a hidden gold mine, isn't it?

There are all sorts of cell phone specials available every day. Before you poke your nose in a retail store and get roped into paying too much, see how much you can save online first.

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