Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Never Pay For Directory Assistance

Here's the scene. You're over at a friend's house with the gang watching TV. Someone says: "I'm getting hungry. Anybody want Pizza?" Everybody else chimes-in: "Yes." There's a Joe's Pizza about a mile away, but who remembers the number? Hmmm. Can't find your friend's phone book, so you quick dial 411 for information. Bad decision. You'll probably pay more for that phone number than to have the pizza delivered.

Here's a better idea. Dial 1-800-FREE411 instead. You'll still get the number for that pizza restaurant, but the information is free. You won't get any ugly dollar-plus charges on your phone bill for calls to Information. Go ahead and call for some other numbers when you need them. You still won't get charged.

Doesn't 1-800-FREE411 sound like the perfect directory assistance service? It sure is, especially when you are on the go. You can call from your cell phone or from your home phone. It doesn't matter. You'll still get the information you asked for and you won't have to pay for it.

Now you're probably wondering how FREE411 can help you for free when the phone companies hit you up for as much as they can per call. Seems like somebody has to pay to support this service. Indeed, they do. Only it's not YOU. One of the things you'll notice when you call 1-800-FREE411 is that you'll hear a short commercial while the number you asked for is being looked up. It won't take any longer than if you dial 411 and pay for the call. You'll just get to hear a 15 second message, likely including a special offer.

That's the magic that puts the FREE in 1-800-FREE411. The commercial you hear is paid for by a local advertiser hoping to get your business. You called to get the number for Joe's Pizza. You may well hear an ad for Joanne's Pizza. Joanne is offering free delivery in hopes of luring you into calling her instead of Joe. We'll, it's your choice. You'll get both numbers.

Go ahead, give it a try and see what you think. Remember, calling 1-800-FREE411 really is free.

Now, if you happen to be the owner of Joanne's Pizza and think it would be great to have an ad for your business play to people who want the number for Joe's Pizza, or Tom's Pizza, or other rivals, then you should consider running an ad with FREE411. It costs only pennies every time your ad is played and just a small connection fee when a caller wants to switch from the business they asked for to you instead.

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