Friday, October 26, 2007

Samsung's Got the Music Beat

Samsung Beat with myFaves, shown closed.What's more fun than a cell phone? A cell phone that is also an MP3 music player, of course. How about a cell phone that is also a Megapixel digital camera and video camcorder that takes pictures good enough to print? Yeah, that's it. Why carry around a standard flip phone when your flip phone can also store and play your tunes and take high resolution photos? It's three, three, three devices in one!

But, "whoa", you say. "Just how much is it going to set me back to get a cool phone like this instead of the plain vanilla model?" Would you be shocked to know that the phone I'm talking about, the Samsung Beat, is available free after rebate if you grab it quickly? Don't try to stand up. You'll feel lightheaded and faint again. Just relax and I'll give you the excellent details. There's still time.

The Samsung Beat with myFaves for T-Mobile wireless service is one cool phone. The sleek black and gray case sports a bright green ring surrounding the external music controls. Think of it as an MP3 player that's also a telephone. You'll have plenty of room to download the tunes of your choice since the Beat supports microSD memory cards up to 2 GB.

Here's another cool feature. This is a Bluetooth phone that has the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) so you can stream your music to other compatible devices. Of course, you can also use a standard Bluetooth wireless headset for telephone communications.

How about that digital camera? It's a beauty. You get a full 1.3 Megapixels for 1280x1040 pixel resolution. Digital zoom is available to move in closer. The nice thing about Megapixel and larger resolution is that you can print your photos and have nice snapshots to keep. You also have the option to send and receive picture and video messages with the multimedia messaging add-on plans from T-Mobile. This phone supports text messaging and instant messaging, too.

Did you notice that you can send and receive video messages? Yes, the built-in camera doubles as a camcorder to capture video up to the available memory. So, plug in a 2 GB memory card and start making your own movies.

This is one cool flip phone... far beyond the ordinary. You think you'd have to shell out a bundle to get one of these and you probably will if you buy it in a cellular or retail store. But not here, my friend. The deal is that you get a rebate for the value of the phone when you buy it from our online store along with a T-Mobile service plan. Yes, this phone DOES support myFaves. What's more, you can get a great deal on two phones when you order a family plan.

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