Monday, January 29, 2007

Dolce & Gabbana Gold RAZR Phone is Affordable

When you think Dolce & Gabbana, do think of things that would go nicely with your Rolls Royce? Indeed, Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have catered to the fashion tastes of the rich and famous worldwide. But now you can sport a bit of Dolce & Gabbana even if that new movie deal doesn't come through for you right away. Your bit of the good life is the Motorola RAZR V3i Dolce & Gabbana w/MyFaves. It's THE cell phone to be seen with.

What oozes wealth more than gold? This razor phone has a gold toned aluminum shell with a complementary gold keyboard accented in silver trim. It's not solid gold, but that's a good thing. If it was, you'd be crushed by accidentally leaving it in a cab. Well, you probably will be anyway, so keep an eye on this beauty.

Beauty is more than skin deep on this Dolce & Gabbana RAZR. It's packed with all the latest technology you need to mix mobile business with pleasure. Like all other members of the Motorola RAZR family, this one has the famous 1/2 inch profile. It also has the upgraded digital camera that delivers 1.23 Megapixels of resolution to take print quality photos. The built-in MP3 music player has a removable memory card to store your songs. Want more tunes? Buy a bigger card. A 64 MB Transflash card is included to get you started.

This RAZR is also a MyFaves phone. That means it supports T-Mobile's MyFaves service that lets you quickly call any of your five favorite people without draining your anytime minutes. You've probably seen the TV commercials. Be careful about including other people's significant others in your MyFaves, even if they think you're a major player flashing your Dolce & Gabbana phone. Note: You need to chose a service plan that offers MyFaves to get this feature.

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