Thursday, October 12, 2006

Samsung D807 Pearl White Slider

What's the hottest new color in cell phones? Right. It's White. Perhaps that's because we're getting close to the "white" season where the frozen flakes fly. Or perhaps pink has just run its course. Whatever the reason, white is IN and Samsung is leading the pack in white cell phone designs.

The phone is the new Samsung D807 White, a super slim slider measuring just over a half-inch thick. The slide-out keyboard makes it even more compact in your pocket or purse. Yet, look at everything you get in this petite package. It has Megapixel photography, Bluetooth wireless, MP3 music, voice dialing, IM, and a large high resolution color display.

The camera in this beauty takes printable 1.3 Megapixel snapshots and includes a flash and self-timer. It also works as a camcorder to capture video clips up to 20 seconds long that you can view on the screen or send to friends using multimedia messaging. The huge color display is a perfect match for the advanced camera, plus you can watch streaming video at an impressive 15 frames per second.

Want to carry your tunes with you? Don't bother with a separate MP3 music player. The Samsung D807 White has an MP3 player built-in. The modest 22 MB of built-in memory is easily expanded by plugging in MicroSD memory cards into the phone's card slot.

This is a cell phone that you'll be proud to show off, but some times it just isn't safe or convenient to be holding a phone to your ear. For those times, you can use a wireless Bluetooth headset or the built-in speakerphone. Dialing can also be hands-free using the advanced voice-activated dialing feature. You can even record up to 5 minutes of voice notes on the voice memo recorder.

Digital messaging is supported with four types of Instant Messengers, including versions for AOL, Yahoo!, ICQ and MSN. Standard SMS text messaging and multimedia messaging for pictures and video clips are supported, as is email for Yahoo!, MSN and Hotmail, and mobile Web browsing.

All this plus a beautiful white pearl case in a mobile device that weighs only 3.3 ounces. Battery life is an impressive 300 minutes or 5 hours. Standby time is up to 240 hours or 10 days.

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