Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Virgin Mobile OYSTR is a Pearl of a Deal

How about an oyster for not too many clams? Aw, shucks. That's what you get with the Virgin Mobile OYSTR pay as you go cell phone.

Don't want to get yourself in deep water with those conventional 2 year cell phone contracts? You won't with this deal. Virgin Mobile's pay as you go cellular service has no annual contracts. What it does have is nationwide coverage and YOU get to decide how much you'll pay. Hate commitment? Get the most basic service for $6.99 a month and then all your calls are 10 cents a minute. Lots of bundles and even strictly pay or text by the minute plans are available.

But, just a second. Those pay as you go phones get pretty expensive, don't they? Not the OYSTR. You buy it for just $29.99 and shipping is free. That's the lowest price we've seen on a pay as you go cell phone.

But, just another second. Do you really want one of those inexpensive phones. Even some of the $50 ones seem cheaply made. What can you get for $29.99?

What you get is a really nice clamshell style flip phone that looks and feels like a more expensive model. Even one of those phones you have to sign your life away for on contract. Don't do it. Get yourself an OYSTR, the cool clamshell. Get it? OYSTR? Clamshell?

Anyway, this oyster has a sweet main display that measures a generous 128 x 128 pixels and shows over 65,000 colors. The buttons have a nice feel, which you'll appreciate if do a lot of text messaging. SMS text messaging ability is built-in, as is multimedia messaging and even Mobile Web Browsing.

Want to let everyone in on the conversation? Turn on the built-in speakerphone and conference like an executive. You can record voice memos so you'll be able to recall those phone numbers you asked for when you were having way too much fun. Even make this phone your personal slave by training it to dial with your voice commands. You'll never find a dog as smart as the oyster and you only have to plug it in, not feed it.

Speaking of juicing the phone, this one has great battery life. You get up to 216 minutes of talk time, over 3 1/2 hours. Standby time is up to 200 hours or over 8 days untethered.

They say every pearl is unique. May the Virgin Mobile OYSTR uniquely yours with downloadable graphics, ringtones, and games. Brick Attack and Race 21 games come preloaded to get you started.

You'll love the OYSTR for yourself, but at this price you can justify giving them to your kids for convenience and security. Parental controls let you limit the phone to only place outbound calls to 3 designed numbers, so the little gabbers won't be blabbing for endless hours with their friends. Make them use the home landline for that.

The OYSTR comes in a very cool pearl white and black case that looks as good as it works. It's comes with a Kyocera factory warranty, so you know it's built by a quality mobile phone supplier.

Of course, if you prefer a traditional contractual cellular plan from one of the major carriers, you'll find lot of great offer including many with free phones at Cell Phone Plans Finder.

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