Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Blue is the Color of My Razor Phone

Am I Blue? Up till now the Motorola RAZR phone has come in the original silver tone, sleek black, pink and magenta colors. Now it's blue, too. Not just any blue, but a smooth blue finish on the solid aluminum shell. Is blue your color?

Let's recap the features of the Motorola RAZR cell phone line that are included in this blue model. Of course, you get the look and feel that has made the razor phones famous. The aircraft grade aluminum shell is only a half-inch thick and houses a huge 2.2 inch color display plus the shiny feather touch etched keypad. The display is high resolution, capable of showing streaming MPEG4 videos that you download.

Your digital camera has VGA resolution, a self-timer and 4x digital zoom. The pictures you take will look beautiful on the large color main display, or you can send them to your friends using enhanced picture messaging. Standard SMS text messaging is also available.

You'll enjoy the looks you get when you flip open your blue RAZR to make or receive a phone call. You have the sleek advanced technology of the Motorola RAZR V3 with a very cool blue look. They have their fat silver plastic cell phone that cost them more than you paid for your sleek blue razor, and you got your money back with mail-in rebates. How cool is that? Anyway, let them stare. If someone asks, you might be nice and clue them into this fantastic deal... or not.

While holding the RAZR is great fun, there are times when it just isn't safe or convenient to do so. For those occasions, the Motorola RAZR V3 has two hands-free options. You can choose to turn on the speakerphone and converse publicly. Or, clip on a Bluetooth headset and put the RAZR back in your pocket or bag. Bluetooth and Blue RAZR. It does seem like a logical match.

Other valuable features of the RAZR V3 include a color external display, voice activated dialing, voice memo, alarm, picture Caller ID, downloadable ringtones, mobile Web browsing, email and instant messaging, PC synchronization for your calendar and contacts with software sold separately, a huge 1000 entry phone book and generous talk and standby times. Did I mention that the razor phone is just 0.5 inches thin and weighs only 3.4 oz?

If you've been wanting one of these fantastic cell phones but were hoping for a blue model, today is your lucky day. Take advantage of the limited time introductory offer that gives you your blue razor free after rebate.

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